Pick-Your-Own Organic Apples! Open Everyday

Bumper crop, y’all.

We can’t verify that the local paper spelled allll of the orchardists’ names correctly, but they did capture the excitement of a bountiful fall harvest. Here at the orchard, we’ve got literal tons of delicious, certified organic apples. Come pick-your-own or buy some already picked from the farm store.  Open everyday, 9-5.

 »» Current Varieties

McIntosh – Northeast orchard classic, aromatic sweet-tart for eating and sauce.

Cortland – All-purpose, dense flesh will hold it’s shape in pies and also resists browning when cut.

Honeycrisp – Needs no introduction.

Mutsu – This all-purpose modern variety is often quite large, and a great choice for baking or slicing up for a cheese plate: share with friends who enjoy sweet apples with a juicy crunch.

Macoun – Even if you don’t pronounce it’s name the ‘right’ way, it’ll still deliver a snappy texture and killer sweet-acid balance. 

Golden Delicious – Actually delicious. Sweet, mellow, and makes a great baked apple.

Gala – Hard and sweet for fresh eating.

Pick-Your-Own Prices:

◊  $5 half peck   ◊   $8 peck   ◊    $15 half bushel  

Already Picked:

◊  $8 half peck   ◊   $15 peck   ◊    Honeycrisp: $3/lb  

Organic Gala, in the orchard

Organic Gala, in the orchard

Thanks for all your support as we celebrate eight generations of family farming, and 20 years of organic production.

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