Our Products

Unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar

We sell this raw, lightly filtered organic cider vinegar to many retailers around the Northeast, and from our farm and farmers’ markets by the pint and quart. Our unpasteurized apple cider vinegar is, to be humble, an extraordinarily wonderful vinegar, unsurpassed in flavor and number of applications. So useful! So refreshing!

All joking and bias aside, we can truthfully say that making this vinegar is wonderful for us because it allows our farm to utilize, and add value to, the portion of our apple crop that doesn’t meet aesthetic or size standards.  Feedback from our customers tells us that it’s wonderful for them as a pantry staple used in salad dressings and marinades, as a folk remedy for everything from indigestion to rheumatism, in natural beauty applications, and even as a therapeutic feed additive on dairy farms.

Vermont Maple Syrup

It’s definitely all hands on deck and “team-work” in the woods and in the sugar-house. The hard work is well worth it, though. You don’t have to trust our internal, well-practiced quality control; come visit us at our farm-stand or market booth and take some home for your table. We sell our maple syrup in jug sizes through the tiny half-pint to the gallon, according to the current grading specs noting Grade A and color/flavor profile.

Maple sugar season is short and intense. During the freezing-thawing weather rollercoaster of early spring, we harvest maple sap from about 8,000 taps in our organically-managed (read: tree health is emphasized) maple woods along Miller Road in Dummerston.

There aren’t enough hours in those February and March days to tap the maples, walk the miles and miles of vacuum tubing checking for damage and leaks, keep the reverse osmosis machine fed, the evaporators humming AND sleep. Who can tell where the dreams of overflowing sap tanks in the deep woods end, and waking life begins?

Bulk and Wholesale

Please call us to arrange a purchase of bulk cider vinegar, or place a business wholesale order of maple syrup or vinegar.  Besides shopping directly from us, you can buy our products here.

At the Farm-stand

At the farm and at our markets, we also sell our homemade jams, jellies, and dill pickles, as well as pastured eggs, and frozen pork from our pasture-raised pigs (sausage currently available). We try to have local honey in-stock year round, as well. Most of the honey produced comes from our own hives, who help to pollinate our orchards in the spring.

Homemade jams made from our organic fruits

Homemade jams made from our organic fruits