August Harvest: Organic Apples, Produce, and Heirloom Fruits

Welcome, Paula! (Reds, that is!)  Now picking certified organic, fresh and zesty Paula Reds.  These early, nicely sweet-tart apples are great eating out-of-hand and for packing in your back-to-school lunch (sorry, too soon).

Organic Paula Red apples

Organic Paula Red apples

Blueberries are finished until next year, but we’re excited about the many different apple and pear varieties on the way–  sweet corn and tomatoes now at market and at the farmstand.

Ruth's fresh vine-ripened organic tomatoesRuth’s vine-ripened organic tomatoes

Orchardist’s Report: Ready for harvest this week are heirlooms such as Green Gravenstein apples, Clapp’s Favorite pears, and the unusual cherry plum– cult followers be advised.

Organic cherry plums, this heirloom variety is a favorite of ours.

Organic cherry plums, this heirloom variety is a favorite of ours.

Table of produce, pasture-raised pork at the Brattleboro Farmers' Market

Table at the Brattleboro Farmers’ Market

Pick-Your-Own Certified Organic Apples

We are open for Pick-Your-Own! This year’s crop of certified organic apples is big and beautiful! Our orchard is open for picking everyday from 9 to 5, and pick-your-own organic apples are $1.00/lb.

Varieties available include Honeycrisp, Empire, Gala, MacIntosh, Golden Delicious, Mutsu, Cortland.