Apple Crop and Season Outlook for 2017


Apple growers navigate weather-related challenges at every stage in the year-round fruit-production cycle — as organic growers, these challenges are heightened and our success depends on employing creative solutions to the often unique weather-related problems. There are limitations on what we can do to intervene when balls of ice rain from the sky on developing fruit, however. Thus, we want to let our customers know that this year, due to a severe summer hailstorm, we do not have the crop to support Pick-Your-Own, so we are not able to offer PYO apples in 2017. 

What does it mean when there is no Pick-Your-Own? Eat more kale Drink more cider!

We are still welcoming visitors to the farm in beautiful Dummerston, VT. At this time, we have Paula Reds available, as well as peaches (peach outlook: another week or two– come and get them now!). Also, we have just filled the freezers with our own pasture-raised beef and pork! We have plenty of ground beef, steaks, roasts, sausage, and bacon. Free-range eggs from the farm are available as well as the usual organic apple cider vinegar, our VT maple syrup, and farm-made preserves.

Thank you for your continued support! See you at the farmstand and Brattleboro Farmer’s Market!

Closed for Pick-Your-Own

Due to this year’s crop needs, we are picking apples for sale at the farmstand and at our regional retail partners. Sorry folks, we are closed for Pick-Your-Own. We have some very nice apples at the farm and we’re open every day– hope to see you there!


Pick-Your-Own Organic Apples! Open Everyday

Bumper crop, y’all.

We can’t verify that the local paper spelled allll of the orchardists’ names correctly, but they did capture the excitement of a bountiful fall harvest. Here at the orchard, we’ve got literal tons of delicious, certified organic apples. Come pick-your-own or buy some already picked from the farm store.  Open everyday, 9-5.

 »» Current Varieties

McIntosh – Northeast orchard classic, aromatic sweet-tart for eating and sauce.

Cortland – All-purpose, dense flesh will hold it’s shape in pies and also resists browning when cut.

Honeycrisp – Needs no introduction.

Mutsu – This all-purpose modern variety is often quite large, and a great choice for baking or slicing up for a cheese plate: share with friends who enjoy sweet apples with a juicy crunch.

Macoun – Even if you don’t pronounce it’s name the ‘right’ way, it’ll still deliver a snappy texture and killer sweet-acid balance. 

Golden Delicious – Actually delicious. Sweet, mellow, and makes a great baked apple.

Gala – Hard and sweet for fresh eating.

Pick-Your-Own Prices:

◊  $5 half peck   ◊   $8 peck   ◊    $15 half bushel  

Already Picked:

◊  $8 half peck   ◊   $15 peck   ◊    Honeycrisp: $3/lb  

Organic Gala, in the orchard

Organic Gala, in the orchard

Thanks for all your support as we celebrate eight generations of family farming, and 20 years of organic production.

P.S. Vote for us! If you are so inclined to help us win a thing and prove internet democracy is not dead, visit the USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice Best Apple Orchard page and cast your vote! Thanks!

August Harvest: Organic Apples, Produce, and Heirloom Fruits

Welcome, Paula! (Reds, that is!)  Now picking certified organic, fresh and zesty Paula Reds.  These early, nicely sweet-tart apples are great eating out-of-hand and for packing in your back-to-school lunch (sorry, too soon).

Organic Paula Red apples

Organic Paula Red apples

Blueberries are finished until next year, but we’re excited about the many different apple and pear varieties on the way–  sweet corn and tomatoes now at market and at the farmstand.

Ruth's fresh vine-ripened organic tomatoesRuth’s vine-ripened organic tomatoes

Orchardist’s Report: Ready for harvest this week are heirlooms such as Green Gravenstein apples, Clapp’s Favorite pears, and the unusual cherry plum– cult followers be advised.

Organic cherry plums, this heirloom variety is a favorite of ours.

Organic cherry plums, this heirloom variety is a favorite of ours.

Table of produce, pasture-raised pork at the Brattleboro Farmers' Market

Table at the Brattleboro Farmers’ Market

Pick Your Own Organic Blueberries!


This year, our certified organic blueberries are available at the farm stand, already picked and self-serve pick-your-own! Open everyday, 9-5.

Help yourself to supplies, follow the signs to the top of the hill, and pay by the pint when you’re done. Enjoy the peaceful view and ripe blueberry goodness!


Pick-Your-Own Certified Organic Apples

We are open for Pick-Your-Own! This year’s crop of certified organic apples is big and beautiful! Our orchard is open for picking everyday from 9 to 5, and pick-your-own organic apples are $1.00/lb.

Varieties available include Honeycrisp, Empire, Gala, MacIntosh, Golden Delicious, Mutsu, Cortland.